Actions aimed at avoiding trips to citizens: improvements in the portal for procedures and telephone calls.

In order to advance in the development of a modern and democratic administration at the service of the people, and to facilitate the completion of the necessary procedures starting from a deep respect for the citizens' time, four actions are deployed:

  • Increase the means of non-face-to-face attention to reduce the time citizens spend on administrative procedures and at the same time save unnecessary trips, expanding the online procedures available in the Virtual Office of Procedure. 
  • Free use of the 010 telephone number to promote it as a channel for carrying out procedures and not only for obtaining information. 
  • To build a new web portal for carrying out procedures, expanding its functionalities and ensuring its usability. 
  • Promote the self-service kiosks, highlighting the fact that they are very easy to use and that they allow to carry out procedures without the need of a face-to-face service.

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Last updated on: March 2024

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