Adaptation of direct care services for people with disabilities to facilitate online care

The capacity restrictions during the covid-19 pandemic and the requirements on presence and distance work, forced to adapt the services of direct attention to the person with disability in order to maintain the level of attention and support. Likewise, at the time of reducing the restrictions for the improvement of the health situation, it was decided to maintain measures to facilitate the conciliation in the teams of labor insertion, early attention and specialized information service of attention to the public of the IMPD. 

Although the restrictions caused by the covid-19 have been relaxing, the IMPD has considered it appropriate to consolidate the non-face-to-face modalities of care, since they allow a better use of time. Thus, despite the establishment of prior appointment to avoid queues and waiting time, online and telephone attention has been encouraged when it is considered appropriate for the characteristics of the attention. The services that have introduced this modality of attention are: 

  • The IMPD Labor Advisory Team: service specialized in the labor inclusion of people with disabilities, mainly in the ordinary market. This modality of attention has also been promoted among the entities and services that are part of the Network for Labor Inclusion of Barcelona. 
  • The early care services for children from 0 to 6 years old and their families, CDIAP EIPI Ciutat Vella and CDIAP EIPI Nou Barris. 
  • The Public Attention Service of l'IMPD: specialized information service on disability issues and processing of resources with parking tolerance transportation card. 

Last updated on: March 2024

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Municipal Institute of Persons with Disabilities (IMPDB)