Adaptation of the schedules of the Child Development and Early Attention Centers (CDIAP) according to the perspective of time use

The municipally managed child development and early care centers EIPI Ciutat Vella and EIPI Nou Barris attend children up to 6 years of age and their families when it is detected that there is any risk in the child's development. The opening hours at the CDIAPs were modified so that children can be attended early in the morning and also in the afternoon in order to make school hours and therapeutic intervention compatible and to facilitate the reconciliation of families. 

The approval of the municipal CDIAP model allowed, among other improvement actions, a change in the schedule of two municipal CDIAPs (EIPI Ciutat Vella and EIPI Nou Barris). This change allows for more direct attention earlier in the morning and also in the afternoon, so that children's school attendance is less affected by the fact that they are attended at the early care services. The adjustment of schedules will also allow for better reconciliation for families in the caregiver's environment. 

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Last updated on: March 2024

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Municipal Institute of Persons with Disabilities (IMPDB)