Agreement for new work mobility (Moure’t B)

Description of the action

This measure is a municipal initiative being promoted in order to form a major public-private alliance with all the city’s social and economic organisations and companies, as well as all operators from the mobility ecosystem, so that they may act jointly and achieve the sustainable and efficient mobility model required for Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

The planned actions are as follows:

  • Drawing up the Corporate Mobility Plan and, within six months, applying the first concrete measures that promote sustainable, efficient mobility for workers so that transport demand at rush hour is reduced.
  • Promoting sustainable mobility within this plan, especially public transport and shared mobility systems, as well as active mobility (walking and cycling) and non-polluting vehicles.
  • Establishing concrete guidelines for remote work and flexible, streamlined working hours in the coming months as measures to guarantee better mobility for workers and a considerable reduction in demand.
  • Certifying objectives with an official stamp issued by Barcelona City Council.
  • Sharing information and methodologies that may be useful for the other signatories. 
  • Working together to determine and monitor effectiveness indicators for the procedures launched as part of this project. 
  • Sharing the Work Mobility Pact with interested parties: clients, suppliers and other connected parties.


Further information:
The Mobility Pact

Last updated on: May 2024

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Directorate of Mobility Services
Management of the Mobility, Infrastructure and Urban Services Area