Concilia Project

Contribute to the harmonization of work, family and personal life through a service that responds to the existing conciliation needs, mainly on the part of women, for the care of children in their care. 

To favor women's access to occupational training courses, as well as their occupation. 
Facilitate access to, promotion and maintenance of their jobs. 
Promote the well-being of family units.
Facilitate women's own time that allows them to participate in their community to strengthen their active role in society. 
Facilitate respite spaces for families. 
2. To provide quality leisure spaces. 

Concilia offers a babysitting service for children between 1 and 12 years old, in 9 locations in Barcelona, located in the Neighborhood Plan. It is open every day from Monday to Saturday outside school hours (afternoons during the week and all day on weekends). Interested users can book the service through a web platform 48 hours in advance, or they can also request it in person. Priority has been given to single-parent families, survivors of gender violence, or families without a community network that can support them. 

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Last updated on: May 2024


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