Decalogue to promote a healthier, more egalitarian and efficient organization of time in City Hall

The City Council has promoted the decalogue Do you have a minute? with measures for a healthier, more egalitarian and efficient organization of time, which benefits municipal staff and their families. 

Thus, it aims to promote a new culture of time for a public administration that is more efficient:

  • Healthy, which takes care of people's well-being. 
  • Egalitarian, taking into account the life cycle of people and working to reduce inequalities. 
  • Efficient, flexible and based on trust

More specifically, the Decalogue aims to:

  • Improve the way in which time management is organized internally in the City Council at all levels. 
  • Establish in the common framework of habits to do, and habits not to do, in relation to time management within the City Council. 
  • Recommend specific actions that City Hall staff to apply to their daily organization of work time.

The 10 measures are:

1. Ensure more rational meeting schedules. 

2. We promote virtual meetings to reduce environmental impact. 

3. We will reduce the number of meetings and make them more productive. 

4. We guarantee the right to digital disconnection. 

5. We avoid working during the weekly rest period. 

6. Let's move up the lunch hour. 

7. Let's reduce work meals to a minimum. 

8. We promote a physical and psychosocial health plan for the well-being of people in the organization that takes into account the uses of time. 

9. We build an efficient, safe and consensual teleworking system. 

10. We disseminate information and take actions to better understand and apply the measures of this Decalogue in our daily work.

The publication of the Decalogue has been followed by a dissemination plan for the entire workforce, which has included: 

  • Dissemination on physical support of the document and associated merchandising (stickers and bookmarks).  
  • Digital dissemination of the document and associated communication (infographics, banners, press releases and articles).


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Last updated on: May 2024


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