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The Barcelona Cuida Information and Orientation Space was born in 2019 with the global vision of the care field, to address and face the current crisis in care. The invisibility and the little relevance given to care in the political-economic sphere made the situation of care in the context of the pandemic overflow and highlighted the essentiality of care and evidenced the shortcomings of the sector and the need, now more than ever, to ask ourselves as a society and collectively how we take care and how we should take care of ourselves. 

Barcelona Cuida carries out actions and strategies within the framework of the municipal commitment to care promoted by the Barcelona City Council:

  • Recognize care as a central part of the socio-economic life of the city. 
  • Promote the co-responsibility of the different social agents to guarantee the right to dignified care and the receipt of care. 
  • Reduce the social inequalities that characterize the provision and receipt of care.
  • To promote the strengthening of the city's resources and services aimed at people who receive and give care.

Currently, Barcelona Cuida, is working to manage a new project of the Direction of Aging and Care: "The Card wants to recognize the task of caregivers, accompanying and facilitating their caregiving activity and contribute to the improvement of their welfare".

In a proactive way, it provides personalized services of support groups, psychological and emotional support, updated information or practical support, among others.

Barcelona Cuida is a space that gives visibility to the existing resources in the city in the field of care and makes them available to everyone, providing information, guidance on the best resources for the caregiver and advice in the care process.

It systematizes the information and resources of the city in the field of care, a unique portal where the caregiver can find information in a unified way.

It is a meeting and exchange space to promote training and support actions.

It works in a network with the Associations of Care Workers and Caregivers.

During 2021 these are the data that have been registered:

  • Individual and group care: 5,602 users. 
  • Number of contracts registered with the Social Security: 108 contracts registered with the Social Security.
  • Records Database: 1.139 Records of resources and services.
  • Dissemination: 270 actions to give value to the care tasks.

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Last updated on: May 2023


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