Elaboration of Time Dossiers

Elaboration of the Dossiers of time collection to generate a framework for debate and public awareness on the importance of the use of time in people's daily lives. 

During these years several issues of the Dossiers del Tiempo collection have been published, based on the observation that knowing the reality is the first step to be able to start raising awareness and transforming society. The dossiers published so far deal with topics as diverse as actions on working time in the European Union, time and the city, and time for caring for people, among others. Some of the topics covered are detailed below:

  • Uses of time and community management. 
  • Time and the elderly
  • Men and their time: hegemony, negotiation and resistance.
  • Uses of time and health
  • Uses of time and mobility.

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Last updated on: May 2024


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