Strategy against the feminization of poverty and precariousness in Barcelona

The strategy against the Feminization of Poverty and Precarity 2016-2024 (EFPP) is a long-term municipal plan aimed at combating the structural factors that determine that women are more vulnerable to suffer poverty and precariousness. Of the three axes that make up this strategy, the Economy for life and organization of time axis - which aims to ensure adequate living conditions for all people, recognizing and valuing all workers necessary for subsistence, reproduction and well-being of the population - concentrates 45% of the 71 actions and includes a specific area focused on domestic work, care and affection.

The EFPP is being developed since 2016, achieving in 2021 an execution degree of 70% while 21% is under development. 

Within the aforementioned axis, the approval of the Feminist Economy Government Measure: for the improvement of the economic, social and labor conditions of the most feminized and precarious occupations stands out. The 68 actions included in this Government Measure are aimed at improving the economic, social and working conditions of workers in certain occupations that are especially feminized and characterized by a precariousness that has worsened as a result of the crisis arising from the health emergency, building a programmatic instrument integrated in the EFPP.


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Strategy against the feminization of poverty and precariousness in Barcelona: 2016-2024 (in Catalan)

Last updated on: May 2024

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