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The Municipal Institute of Persons with Disabilities (IMPD) promotes respite services for people with disabilities with the aim of enabling caregivers to have a time of conciliation, given the dedication that involves taking care of a person of child or adult age with a high degree of disability. Within the scope of Respir's services, IMPD promotes its own leisure resources for people with disabilities (program Time for You) and also promotes respite through residential resources, through a specific subsidized line to projects of entities that organize activities for people with functional disabilities and mental health disorders. 

The Time for You program is a service that aims to promote the reconciliation of work and personal life of families with children with disabilities, as well as quality leisure for children and adolescents, young people and adults with disabilities. It offers different activities that are carried out by professionals from expert organizations working in the field of leisure for people with disabilities.

In the year 2021 the number of people participating in the Time for You activities program has increased: there has been an increase of 16% of people with respect to the previous year, with a total of 19 groups and 1,863 of attention. The cost of the program in 2021 was 213,319.99€ (5% more than the previous year). 

In reference to the frequency of the sessions, it has been fortnightly in 12 groups, weekly in 6 groups and 1 has been done during the Christmas and summer vacations.

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