The Barcelona Fire Service collaborates with the Generalitat of Catalonia:

  • In matters relating to inspections, with the Directorate General of Games and Shows.
  • On interventions during certain periods of peak activity.
  • For training in the area of inspections, with the Directorate General of Environmental Quality.
  • In drafting commissions for regulations and agreements, in special cases.

With the Government Sub-delegation in Barcelona:

  • In matters relating to firework inspections.

Furthermore, collaboration agreements have been signed between the Barcelona Fire Service and various professional organisations and bodies in order to minimise risks and maximise safety:

  • Catalan Industrial Engineers Association and Catalan Architects' Association, in order to unify criteria in the interpretation of current legislation regarding fire protection conditions for buildings, industrial establishments, etc. Participation in conferences on matters of safety and fire protection conditions.
  • Barcelona Port Authority, concerning prevention and actions in the case of a serious incident, in order to improve the safety of installations, vessels and materials stored in the port, as well as avoiding or reducing any risks for the city.
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), in the areas of training and research into new inspection procedures and the control of new materials. To this end, the Barcelona Fire Service provided equipment from the former Fire Service Laboratory, in order to carry out reaction-to-fire tests.