Cau del Jubilat

Although there are precedents dating back to 1946, our foundation as an autonomous organisation began on 25 February 2000, when the Generalitat of Catalonia's Directorate General of Law and Judicial Organisations approved an application from the Barcelona Fire Service's Cau de Jubilat [Retired Firefighters Centre] to enter the registry of non-profit organisations.

At Cau del Jubilat, we offer various activities, all geared towards its members. We attend to our members at the social centre, regarding any queries they have, exchange impressions or play board games. We also take full advantage of any interesting cultural activities either in the city or its surrounding area. We also periodically organise stays in Catalonia, Spain and the South of France, which give us the chance to remember old times.

In short, we try to maintain the feeling of camaraderie that united us when we were on active service, and we support comrades who find themselves in difficulties. All that remains is to let you know that we are open to any initiatives or suggestions, and that we will continue to work with the same enthusiasm as always.

Lleida, 30
08004 Barcelona
Tel. 93 256 54 36 / 54 40
Opening times: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 1 pm, except during July and August.


Cultural and Sports Association

This was founded in 1945 under the name of Penya Burinot. The Penya's early activities were focused on organising the library and promoting sports championships. In the summer of 1946, the latest recruits of young firefighters asked Josep M. Jordán, the head of the Fire Service at the time, for permission to hold a party in the courtyard of the central fire station in order to celebrate the first anniversary of their joining the service. The success of that party encouraged them to turn the Penya into the Fire Service Cultural and Sports Group, popularly known as La Cultural.

In 1947, they organised a football match between veterans and newcomers, and a mural newspaper was started. One year later, service personnel contributed to the acquisition of an image of the patron saint of firefighters, which has been conserved to this day. In 1949, the success of the summer festival and the Three Kings campaign were confirmed. And in September of that year, the first issue of the Alarma magazine was published. At the beginning of 1955, Alarma grew in size and in the number of pages, while the content of its articles made it a specialist magazine in the subject of extinguishing fires, although it maintained an informal tone.

Over the years, La Cultural's most popular activities have always been sports, and this is still true today. In 2001, they included the following:

  • Volleyball
  • Scuba diving
  • Golf
  • Skiing
  • Cycling
  • Indoor football
  • Athletics