Training of intervention personnel

In order to plan training actions for intervention personnel, a study of their training needs in various areas is carried out:

  • Evaluation of services performed by firefighters, by type of intervention (fires, traffic accidents, hazardous materials), by fire station, by frequency, etc.
  • Knowledge of newly-introduced vehicles and tools.
  • Through commanding officers, who provide information on the needs of the personnel on their shifts.
  • Through detecting individual or group training needs.

Training of technical personnel

The Service’s technicians have to receive the necessary training so that they are familiar with the regulations issued by the Directorate for construction products and the transposition of European regulations to UNE/EN regulations. Technician training aims to cover the needs of their posts and update their knowledge of regulations in their various fields.

Training of administrative support personnel

All Fire Service departments need the support of administrative personnel. The training of this group aims to cover their needs, so that they can carry out their professional tasks with the greatest possible efficiency.

The respective heads of administrative personnel detect the training needs of their subordinates in order to improve their work, as well as communications between the various levels (IT knowledge, interpersonal skills, etc.).

Training of other personnel

Personnel belonging to various departments not associated with intervention must receive the necessary training to carry out their assigned tasks.

Training associated with internal promotion

For all internal promotion processes for corporals, sergeants and sub-officers, SPCPEIS Training takes part in the programming of training actions that are established in the terms and conditions, in accordance with the lines drawn up by the Service (Management, Operations Division) and the Manager’s Office for Safety and Prevention's Department of Professional Development.

Training of new firefighter recruits

The training period, established in the terms and conditions of each recruitment campaign, is planned by the Training Section, which is part of the Manager's Office for Safety and Prevention’s Department of Human Resources. In recent recruitment campaigns, this process consisted of three phases.

  • Basic training course at the Catalan Institute of Public Safety
  • Barcelona Fire Service adaptation course
  • Work practice on a fire station shift

During the basic training and adaptation courses, trainee firefighters are tutored by Fire Service commanding officers, who carry out this task full time. During the first phase, they serve as a link between the Catalan Institute of Public Safety and SPCPEIS, and during the adaptation course, between external teaching centres and SPCPEIS.

Simultaneously, the whole training process is coordinated by the Training Section, which coordinates the tutors, plans the training actions and oversees their normal development.