Civil Protection is a public service and the City Council has full responsibility within its municipal boundaries. As a major civil protection organisation, the City Council, together with other administrations, has the general capacity for acting, planning and coordinating in this area, with the main aim being to ensure the physical protection of people and their belongings in a situation of serious collective risk, public disaster or extraordinary catastrophe, where people's safety and lives may be at risk or where there may be numerous deaths.

In order to plan this coordination, a series of municipal emergency plans have been established, which are detailed below.

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Municipal Civil Protection Plan

  • Document A: Basic document
  • Document B: Action manuals for the plan
  • Document C: General appendices
  • Document D: Implementation and maintenance programme
  • Basic municipal civil-protection plan for heatwaves
  • Protocol for gales
  • Municipal action protocol for the City of Barcelona's La Mercè festivities

Municipal Action Plans (PAM)

PAEM for serious accidents in chemical-risk companies

  • Intervention files for SEVESO companies
  • Associated maps
    • Port of Barcelona companies
    • Zona Franca Consortium companies
    • Vulnerable elements

PAEM for accidents in the transportation of hazardous goods

  • Associated maps, road transport routes
    • Main itinerary to the port and Zona Franca
    • Main northern itinerary
    • Secondary itinerary along the Ronda del Litoral
    • Associated maps, railway transport routes
    • Vulnerable elements

PAEM for the risk of insufficient drainage (flooding)

  • Associated maps
    • Flood risk due to insufficient drainage
    • River Llobregat flood plains
    • River Besòs flood plains
  • Protocol for rough seas

PAEM for forest fires

  • Associated maps
    • Areas of application for Decree 64/1995, concerning the prevention of forest fires (residential areas)
    • Areas of application for Decree 123/2005 (sections)

PAEM for snow and ice

  • Associated maps
    • Emergency map 1, upper area
    • Emergency map 2, priority 1
    • Emergency map 2, priority 2

PAEM for seismic risk

  • Seismic risk scenarios
  • Executive report
  • Technical report
  • Appendices

PAEM for risk of accidental contamination of marine waters

  • Associated maps

PAM for radiological emergencies

  • Associated maps

PAM for aeronautical emergencies

  • Associated maps

Specific municipal emergency plans (PEEM)

PEEM for serious accidents in road tunnels

  • Specific maps
    • Ronda del Mig, Badal, Mitre, Camèlies and Rovira
    • Ronda del Litoral, pla de Palau, la Vila Olímpica, el Poblenou
    • Ronda de Dalt, Oreneta, Almansa
    • Vallvidrera

PEEM for passenger rail transport emergencies

  • Barcelona network of railway tunnels
  • Barcelona metropolitan railways
  • Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya

PEEM for health risks

  • Specific maps
    • Hospitals
    • Primary healthcare centres

PEEM for a lack of power supply

  • Associated maps
    • High-voltage grid (AT) (220 kV to 66 kV), Barcelona area
    • Barcelona area high-voltage grid, property of FECSA-ENDESA
    • Substations and power distribution centres, Barcelona area

PEEM for a lack of gas supply

  • Associated maps
    • Barcelona distribution grid