Barcelona Fire Service, which is part of Barcelona City Council, is an organisation that offers its services to protect people.

  • It improves safety conditions for everyone living in the city.
  • It carries out preventative actions in public areas.
  • It responds to emergencies in order to protect and save lives.
  • Fire extinction and rescues.
  • It drafts civil protection plans, special plans, risk maps to enhance safety in buildings, installations, facilities and infrastructures.

Who can apply for fire service jobs?

The selection system for firefighters is through public competition. By the last day for submitting applications, applicants must have met the following requirements, among others:

  • Have Spanish nationality.
  • Be at least 18 years old, but not be over the established age for compulsory retirement.
  • Have completed at least secondary school education (or equivalent).
  • Not be suffering from any disqualifying illness.
  • Have a minimum height of 1.55 m for women, and 1.60 m for men.
  • Possess a valid Type-C driving licence.

Check here for all the requirements and terms and conditions for taking part in the latest campaign for job applications.

Stages and tests

Recruitment process

  1. Competitive exam stage
  2. Competition stage
  3. Training stage (selective course)
  4. Work practice stage

Competitive exam stage

  • General knowledge test
  • Catalan test
  • Knowledge of Spanish test
  • Physical aptitude test
  • Theory-practical test
  • Driving test
  • Personality and skills tests
  • Medical examinations

Training and work practice

Passing the obligatory and selective basic training course for the qualification of fire prevention, extinction and rescue technician, in the Catalan Institute of Public Safety's Fire Service and Civil Protection School (ISPC).

Participation in the Education Fair

The GUB and Fire Service security forces have been present for two years running. The aim is to raise awareness about their activities and present these professions as stable options for the future, informing people about requirements for taking part and working conditions, as well as fostering the promotion and presence of women in these services.

These services were present at the 2018 Employment Fair, offering informative talks:

  • Women firefighters, why not?
  • Women in the GUB

Women firefighters, why not?

Even today, the Fire Service is one of the forces that has very few women officers. The reasons for this include aspects such as the social image that the service projects and difficulties encountered in joining.

Barcelona City Council, through the Manager's Office for Safety and Prevention, the Department of Gender Transversality and Barcelona Activa, presents a set of awareness-raising actions, with the aim of changing this reality, updating the image that women have of this job and providing information about the options available for helping them to enter the job market.


  • Through awareness-raising actions, which provide women with information about the profession and the requirements for joining.
  • Training actions in the sectors indicated in the recruitment process for joining the service.
  • Skills training.