A fire is an accident, and it is therefore avoidable. Prevention as an educational measure

Among other things, Barcelona Fire Service promotes awareness-raising and providing advice about fire prevention and what actions to take in the case of a fire. We give useful, practical advice for avoiding the possible negative consequences of fires and accidents.

We are a service for the protection and safety of city residents and their belongings. We work to avoid and minimise the possibilities of risks and we mobilise in the face of emergencies, such as floods, fires and other catastrophes. Our work includes numerous and very varied interventions:

  • Inspections and investigations
  • Technical studies and reports
  • Rescuing people and belongings
  • Information and dissemination of knowledge and preventative measures

Training activities

'Meet the Fire Service', for school children aged 4 to 8:

  • People who work in the service
  • Fire stations
  • Clothing
  • Intervention materials
  • Vehicles

'Prevention and self-protection', for young people aged 8 to 16:

  • Aspects concerning attitude and respect
  • Risk Avoiding distractions and carelessness
  • Protecting yourself and making yourself visible in the case of a fire

Prevention Lecture Hall, , for young people aged 16 to 18, adults and other groups:

  • Post-obligatory school education, degrees, secondary school education, research work.
  • Teaching for adults, senior citizen associations, various trades, local resident communities, groups from the emergency sector.


Talks with slides and good-practice workshops. Educational, experience and empirical activities. Experience as a teaching resource.

Visits to fire stations:

  • Discovering fire station activities, work and protection materials.


Educational vehicle to take fire prevention training to all places and organisations in the city, particularly highly complex ones with no resources or limited mobility due to financial or social constraints.

Espai Bombers - Parc de la Prevenció

Come to the Espai Bombers [Fire Service Centre] and find out about the history and work of Barcelona Fire Service from various perspectives:

  • How this institution was founded and structured, always in consonance with the city.
  • How it has always used cutting-edge materials to tackle its obligations: prevention, rescue, fire extinction and technical assistance.
  • The values of the people within the Service.
  • You will also find out the nature of fire, how a fire starts and how firefighters act to extinguish it, and you can verify, correct and expand your knowledge about prevention and self-protection.

Consult our educational activities at the Espai Bombers websites.