A team of technicians is available to professionals who design projects. They will answer any queries about interpretation of current legislation concerning fire protection conditions.

To arrange an interview, call 93 291 53 01, from 10 am to 01 pm or send an e-mail to

Emergency Plans

Advice on drafting emergency plans is one of the activities aimed at providing information about self-protection in risk situations.

Prevention Division technicians can help with the work of writing, informing, implementing and maintaining emergency plans, using the experience gained from actively participating in the implementation in over two hundred emergency plans.

To arrange a consultation interview, call 93 291 53 01, from 10 am to 01 pm or send an e-mail to

Prevention inspections

The inspection of activities that are already under way is the method used to confirm that they are operating correctly and comply with regulatory parameters for awarding a permit.

The main objective of Fire Service inspections is to ensure people’s safety. This is why inspections are carried out in publicly used establishments, in various activities such as firework displays and in all kinds of events to prevent possible risk situations for people.

Reports on projects, construction work and activities

Reports for projects concerning construction and environmental permits

Article 4 of the regulatory municipal by-law concerning FPERS participation in fire protection conditions (ORPCI) establishes which construction and activity projects require a mandatory report from the Fire Service.