Barcelona Fire Service has human and material resources to carry out the following activities:

Extinguishing fires in the municipality and collaborating in extinguishing fires in the surrounding area, at the request of the Generalitat of Catalonia Fire Service.

  • Extinguishing fires in residential and other buildings.
  • Extinguishing forest fires.
  • Extinguishing fires in industrial buildings and logistic warehouses.
  • Extinguishing fires on public highways.
  • Extinguishing underground fires.

Rescuing people in risk situations, including:

  • Traffic and workplace accidents and any others that require specialised tools for freeing people.
  • People trapped in lifts.
  • Underground-transport accidents and emergencies.
  • People who are trapped or unconscious in dwellings.
  • Searching for people in wells, in the port, etc.

Carrying out technical assistance operations in the Fire Service's various specialised areas. Given our service's experience and the time it has been established in the municipality, the tasks carried out include:

  • Removing heavy vehicles from the city’s main roadways.
  • Urgent construction-pathology interventions.
  • Actions arising from meteorological phenomena.
  • Incidents involving the various energy supply networks.
  • Disconnecting alarms.
  • All kinds of incidents on public roadways that involve risks to people.

Carrying out necessary preventive actions to reduce risk parameters in various intervention scenarios.

  • Operational prevention itineraries.
  • Forest surveillance.
  • Surveillance of public events in the city involving the use of fire.
  • Monitoring the loading and unloading of hazardous materials in the port.