Institutional winter uniform

Corporate attire for Fire Brigade representational events.

Urban rescue equipment

Specific equipment for urban rescue techniques applying climbing techniques. Including, among other items, ropes, a climbing helmet, a cotton polo shirt, fireproof trousers, boots, a climbing harness, gloves and climbing accessories.

Rain and wind equipment

For outdoor responses in the rain or wind, in rescue services or technical assistance without risk of fire.

Forest fire response equipment

Level of protection specific to this type of fire. Including a cotton hat, protective glasses, gloves, fireproof fibre trousers and mid-length boots.

Response equipment for protection when working with liquids

Level of protection limited to effects from splashes of liquids or handling powder and solids. Its use is complemented with self-contained breathing equipment, a response helmet and gloves.

NBQ Response equipment

Maximum level of protection for the above-mentioned responses. Includes self-contained breathing equipment and a response helmet.

Basic response equipment for urban environment fires

All the equipment meets standard UNE-EN regulations specific for Fire Fighter responses.

Immersion equipment for water rescues

The EPI type can be adapted depending on the circumstance of the rescue work (surface, at depth, in dirty water etc.,).