The Civil Protection, Prevention, Fire Extinction and Rescue Service (SPCPEIS) has had a well-defined identity since its formation in the mid 19th century, aiming to help the general public and with a commitment to the profession and teamwork. The traditional image of firemen putting out fires has progressively evolved to one where professionals take part in rescues, relief work situations, technological incidents and chemical leaks. Professionals who make sure that sufficient attention is paid to risks when events are planned and in increasingly complex vulnerability scenarios.

  • Transversality
  • Loyalty
  • Public service
  • Exemplariness
  • Preparation
  • Safety
  • Local
  • Commitment

Code of honour

What motivates us?

  • Saving lives, belongings and protecting the environment.
  • Helping those who are in a situation of vulnerability.
  • Public service.

What commitments do we make?

  • To give everything we have to save lives.
  • To train ourselves to be useful to others.
  • To respect all members of the brigade equitably.
  • To act quickly and effectively wherever we are needed.
  • To show solidarity with our colleagues.
  • To learn from those who know the most.
  • To teach those who are starting out.
  • To treat victims with care, sensitivity and respect.
  • To fully experience our vocation for service.
  • To take part in improving the quality of life of Barcelona residents.

What inspires us?

  • Serving everyone efficiently and impartially.
  • Guaranteeing the safety of everyone and their belongings.

How we work

  • With all members of the service, forming a single brigade.
  • Following the orders of commanding officers.
  • With cooperation and understanding.
  • With a sense of loyalty.
  • Giving everything we have in service to the people.
  • With audacity and a spirit of sacrifice.
  • Being faithful to our mission.