How does Barcelona work?

Com funciona Barcelona?  is a programme by Barcelona City Council’s Ecology, Urban-Planning and Mobility Area that aims to spread the culture of sustainability and educate young citizens to be part of Barcelona’s ecological working and to share in the responsibility for it.

To do so, the programme facilitates first-hand knowledge of the places, facts and processes that help to understand the city: what it’s like, how it works, how it’s managed and how it’s transformed to be more liveable and more sustainable. The educational proposal is organised around seven thematic hubs that offer a global view of the city:

Eixos del programa

Who can take part in the programme?

Formal education schools, from Infants to Baccalaureate and Training Cycles, including specific proposals for students in Special Education.

What does it propose?

More than 50 activities for discovering infrastructures, facilities, actions and services and raising awareness about the challenges posed by the city’s working.

Visits are adapted to the different educational levels and allow unique experiences that materialise, summarise and give meaning to the concepts studied in school subjects. What’s more, they facilitate direct knowledge of data, facts, processes, problems, opinions and best practices to be worked on in depth in school.

The programme includes classroom activities that are undertaken in schools and a la carte activities that adapt the contents, duration and space to the needs of each school.

To facilitate learning, teachers are provided with materials for use before and after the visit that motivate and encourage research in the school.

At the same time, the programme also acts as a stimulus and a complement to the Escoles + Sostenibles innovation projects.

Make a reservation

Reservations for activities can be made via the website of the Programa d'Activitats Escolars (PAE).

To access the calendar and make a reservation, enter the following information:

  • User: the school’s XTEC code (08XXXXXX).
  • Password: the school’s postcode.


Activities subject to public price.