How does Barcelona work?

The educational program

The environmental education program 'How does Barcelona work?' from the Barcelona City Council's Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility area has the aim to spread the sustainability culture among students at all educational levels, from early childhood education to high school and intermediate level training cycles.

With the conviction that a model of society based on a new balance with the environment will be essential to face and overcome the challenges of the present and the future, the program wants to provide tools, resources and knowledge that help to understand the importance of ecological functioning and sustainable development of the city through the processes, equipment, infrastructures and facilities that make it possible.

Eixos del programa

What does it propose?

Due to the complex reality of the health situation, we propose an educational offer to respond to the new needs of schools, planned and adaptable to the current health measures at all times.

The program offer is organized into four main proposals:

  • Face-to-face activities to be carried out in municipal facilities that, according to health regulations, can be carried out.
  • Live online sessions, conducted and energized by a person from the educational team of the program in the context of a virtual meeting.
  • Resources and digital materials for teachers to share with students as a complement to the knowledge and information that they are working on.
  • Community Service projects for environmental communication and awareness combined with an environmental diagnosis. The objective is for youth to sensitize and generate a positive impact on society, offering them a different perspective on urban sustainability.

Further information:

Make your choice!

From the proposals of learning itineraries to learn about the sustainability and ecological functioning of the city. They are organized according to educational levels, themes and formats, in order to be adapted to the new and multiple realities of educational centers.

Or, with the 'A city on demand' activities that allows adapting various proposals to the specific needs of each school and giving a personalized response to the different educational concerns and realities.


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Activities RESEARCH by educational level and by entity (Urban Ecology. How does Barcelona work?)

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Or, contact the program's Technical Secretary for advice on the activities that best suit your interests and contents.


* All activities are free of charge.