15 March: World Consumer Rights and Responsible Consumption Day

This year, the celebration coincides with the 6th anniversary of Espai Consum Responsable, a service - city equipment specialized in responsible consumption

19/02/2024 - 12:47 h - Environment and sustainability Ajuntament de Barcelona

On 15 March, we will celebrate World Consumer Rights and Responsible Consumption Day. The day reminds us of the importance of defending our rights when buying goods and services; it also challenges us to consume responsibly, meeting our needs while contributing to social, environmental and economic well-being, in order to safeguard the resources of future generations. This year also marks the 6th anniversary of the Responsible Consumption Space.

This year, the annual celebration coincides with the 6th anniversary of the Responsible Consumption Space, a city service/facility that brings a responsible consumption perspective to other stakeholders, as well as materials, expert advice, inspiring initiatives and resources to put it all into practice.

Responsible consumption can be broken down into three steps: (1) avoiding unnecessary consumption; (2) sharing, reusing, repairing and exchanging materials; and (3) making wise purchases by choosing healthy and socially responsible goods and services.

Since its launch, the Responsible Consumption Space has focused mainly on the third pillar – making wise purchases – through activities, information points at events, training, advice and other services, all with the aim of providing resources that make it easier for consumers to adopt more sustainable habits in their daily lives and make choices that exemplify other types of economy that are more respectful of people and the environment.

To help you put this into practice, we suggest you check out the Pam a Pam and Barcelona+Sostenible maps and the Comerç Verd shops. You’ll find plenty of businesses to help you join the responsible consumption movement and strengthen local SSE initiatives.

The Responsible Consumption Space and its six years of work

The Responsible Consumption Space works with establishments that programme activities and events, citizen services and consumers themselves. It also collaborates with institutions and organisations that may be interested in promoting responsible consumption. It offers advice and training to other facilities, hosts activities and has information points at relevant events in the city. It also provides space within its own facilities for organisations that need a place to carry out activities linked to the promotion of responsible consumption. All this is in addition to its efforts to promote the principles of responsible consumption.

Since its launch six years ago, the Responsible Consumption Space has touched the lives of nearly 33,000 people of all ages by organising just under 1,000 activities, including workshops, talks, information points and games. These activities have been held at all kinds of venues and events, including the Responsible Consumption and Social Economy Fair and the Earth and Taste of Sustainable Food Festival (part of the La Mercè festivities). It has also taken part in events such as the Market of Markets, the Universal Soup Festival, the Children’s Festival, Parking Day, Mobile World Congress, 48h of Greenery and Urban Agriculture, the Festa Major de Sant Antoni, the Food Sovereignty Calçotada, and Biocultura.

In addition, it works with schools through Barcelona Activa’s TransformESS programme, which has held the short training session “Conscious consumption: take action with transformative practices” twenty-two times since 2020, reaching almost 50 students.

The Responsible Consumption Space is also part of the Barcelona Network of Environmental Facilities (XEAB), where it works with other members to promote a culture of sustainability and equip people with tools to engage in actions to improve their neighbourhoods and the city as a whole.  The activities are summarised in a common agenda on the agenda+sostenible website.

The Responsible Consumption Space is located in Palau Foronda (Ronda de Sant Pau, 43-45), which also houses the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC), which provides information and complaint handling services on consumer issues. There is also the Consumer Arbitration Board, a fast, efficient and free out-of-court service that makes it easy to resolve any disputes that may arise between consumers and professionals.

At the Responsible Consumption Space we offer activities and advice. For more information, visit our website or email us at espaiconsumresponsable@bcn.cat.

Become a responsible consumer and live better! And remember: Every purchase is a choice about how you want to live!

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