City Police campaign under way to improve the safety of school transport

Safety and prevention. The City Police will be running this specific campaign all week, aimed at improving the safety of school transport.

The enforcement campaign prioritises areas around schools but also covers the whole road network in the city.

The Central Traffic Unit operated by the City Police runs a specific campaign every year to improve the safety of school transport. The enforcement campaign covers all types of transport used by pupils to get to school (coaches, minibuses, commercial vehicles etc.), the goal being to reduce traffic accidents which involve these vehicles.

The campaign will run all week. The goals are to:

  • Adopt suitable measures to cut the risk of accidents caused by technical deficiencies in vehicles.
  • Correct traffic infringements and those relating to the lack of or incorrect use of safety elements.
  • Get school transport vehicles to meet obligatory administrative requisites and the rest of the regulations governing their activity.
  • Verify they comply with service conditions.
  • Check that vehicles meet the specific technical conditions for school transport and carrying minors.

The type of infringements to be corrected vary, and can relate to driver and vehicle documentation; specific authorisation for school transport; technical vehicle inspection certificates and obligatory insurance policies; the presence of another person inside vehicles where this is obligatory (with the correct profile); the negative certificate for the Central Register of Sexual Delinquents for both the driver and the other person; the correct condition of emergency elements; safety belts; the state of tyres and other parts of vehicles etc.