Dial 112 for all emergencies from now on

12/01/2021 - 14:27 h

Safety and prevention. The 112 phone number replaces the 092 number for the City Police and the 080 number for the Fire Service, with all emergency calls now centralised.

The goal is to offer people the best service possible for managing emergencies.

The phone numbers for the City Police (092) and the Barcelona Fire Service (080) will become inoperative by the end of the month and will be replaced by the 112 emergency number. The goal is for this number to be the only one people use if it becomes necessary to call.

The change will improve the handling of incidents and requests for emergency services made via the 112 number in the city of Barcelona, facilitating the operational coordination of emergencies.

CAT112 will receive all emergency calls from the city of Barcelona via the 112 number and communicate telematically with the City Police and the Fire Service, conveying information with notifications and the requirements they each need to respond to.

Barcelona City Council started a communication campaign at the end of 2020 to inform people of the change and is also running a specific campaign to engage groups of interest with the new situation and to help promote messages.

The change is the starting point for the new service and management model, which will modernise and streamline the task of handling demand and offering people better service in the management of incidents and emergencies in the city of Barcelona.