Traffic disruptions for the Barcelona Marathon

05/11/2021 - 12:45 h

Sport. The event is being held in the morning on Sunday, 7 November, with runners setting off from Av. Reina Maria Cristina and crossing a large part of the city before returning to the same point.

Surface transport will be disrupted in various city districts on Sunday, 7 November, with the Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2021 set to affect public and private transport alike.

Under the slogan “This year, if you run, you’ve already won!”, the marathon is back with more strength, enthusiasm and excitement than ever before, with several new aspects including a tribute to everybody who has suffered because of the pandemic.

The run takes place from 8.30 am to 3 pm, setting off from Av. Reina Maria Cristina. There will be traffic restrictions and disruptions to mobility in Av. Reina Maria Cristina and in Rius i Taulet, from 3 pm on Friday to 5 pm on Sunday, when traffic circulation will be re-established.

Traffic circulation and access to car parks will be re-established as the run progresses.


Av. Reina Maria Cristina (both directions) – Pl. Espanya (lane nearest the Llobregat, in the opposite direction) – Creu Coberta (both sides) – Sants (both sides, from Arizala to Riera Blanca in the opposite direction) – Riera Blanca (lane nearest the Besòs) – Trav. Corts (between Riera Blanca and Numància, side nearest the mountains, in the opposite direction between Numància and Av. Sarrià, the whole road, in the opposite direction) – Av. Sarrià (in the opposite direction) – París (in the opposite direction) – Berlín (in the opposite direction) – Numància – Tarragona (side nearest the Besòs) – Diputació (in the opposite direction) – Vilamarí – Gran Via (central section from Vilamarí to Rbla. Catalunya and sides nearest the mountains from Rbla. Catalunya to Pg. de Gràcia) – Pg. Gràcia (sentral section) – Aragó – Aribau – Mallorca (in the opposite direction) – Av. Meridiana, from Mallorca to Rio de Janeiro (side nearest the mountains, in the opposite direction), turn of 180º in Rio de Janeiro – Av. Meridiana, from Rio de Janeiro to València (side nearest the sea, in the opposite direction) – València – Huelva – Bac de Roda (in the opposite direction) – Gran Via (side nearest the sea) – Rbla. Prim (side nearest the Llobregat) – Pl. Llevant (side nearest the mountains – Llobregat) – Av. Diagonal (side nearest the mountains) – Ciutat de Granada (turn of 180º) – Av. Diagonal (side nearest the sea) – Pl. Llevant (side nearest the sea- Llobregat) – Pg. Taulat (side nearest the mountains) – Josep Pla (in the opposite direction) – Pg. Garcia Fària – Jonquera – Av. Litoral (in the opposite direction) – Arquitecte Sert – Salvador Espriu – Pl. Voluntaris (side nearest the mountains – Besòs) – Marina (side nearest the Besòs) – Pujades (in the opposite direction) – Pg. Pujades (side nearest the sea, in the opposite direction) – Pg. Lluís Companys (central section) – Rda. Sant Pere – Pl. Urquinaona (central section) – Rda. Sant Pere – Pl. Catalunya (side nearest the Besòs, in the opposite direction) – Fontanella – Via Laietana (from Pl. Urquinaona to Jonqueres, the whole road, and from Jonqueres to Pl. Antonio López, side nearest the Llobregat) – Pg. Colom (side nearest the mountain) – Pl. Portal de la Pau (side nearest the mountains) – Pg. Josep Carner (side nearest the mountains) – Pl. Drassanes (side nearest the mountains – Besòs) – Av. Paral·lel (side nearest the Besòs) – Rda. Sant Pau – Comte d’Urgell – Sepúlveda – Av. Paral·lel (side nearest the Llobregat, in the opposite direction) – Pl. Espanya (side nearest the sea) – Av. Reina Maria Cristina (both sides).