The GUB has been offering the city’s schools sessions on safety and positive community life since 1985.

The educational programme entitled "The GUB at school", which is given for free to all the city’s school centres, helps to provide responses to social problems and improve community life. It is also aimed at preventing risky behaviour through the field of education.

This programme is an educational proposal for working with children and teenagers at every educational stage on aspects to do with:

  • Knowledge of, links with and care for our surrounding environment
  • Improving community life and inter-personal relations
  • Preventing risky behaviour in the fields of driving and safe mobility, gender violence and drug consumption

Each of these thematic areas has several workshops that are adapted to the school curriculum putting special emphasis on the skills that are advisable to achieve at every educational stage, incorporating a wide range of resources. The programme received the Council for Educational Innovation's quality seal in January 2018.



Children's Traffic Park

The Children’s Traffic Park is a free educational space, aimed at the school, leisure and family areas. The activities offered here are mainly for acquiring basic knowledge of main road-safety regulations and developing attitudes relating to safe mobility through a practical activity on the park's circuit. This concerns identifying, analysing and evaluating risky situations and behaviour and fostering respect between the various users of public roads.

The goals to be achieved are:

  • Understanding road-safety rules as cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Raising awareness of the importance of respecting road-safety rules for mobility in Barcelona, above all those for cycling.
  • Adopting safe behaviour, attitudes and habits relating to safe mobility on the city's streets and respect between the various road users.

Activity times and reservations:

School area (aimed at the later stages of primary education)

School year work days. Assistance from a Safety Education Service educating team, whatever its district, has to be booked in advance. Activity file  

Leisure area

Saturday mornings and July from 10 am to 1.30 pm. Bookings have to be made by email.

Family area

Expect to open two weekends a month, from 10 am to 1.30 pm. Confirm your dates by email.


Note:the Children’s Traffic Park has bicycles available for children aged 9 to 12; children under the age of 9 will have to bring their own bikes.

How to get there:

Bus 150 (Parc de Montjuïc) from Plaça d'Espanya to the end of its route (Montjuïc Castle entrance). Afterwards, you will need to walk along the path around the wall and pass archery yard. You will find the Parc some four hundred metres further along.

It is located behind Montjuïc Castle

Carrer de la Cartoixa w/n

08004 Barcelona

Tel: 93 256 49 95