This service, present in all territorial units, is responsible for facilitating the presence of the Guàrdia Urbana in the educational sphere to introduce security content from a pedagogical and instructive perspective.

Their programme ‘The Guàrdia Urbana in School,’ offered free of charge to all city schools, aims to address social issues, enhance community life, and prevent risky behaviours using an educational approach.

This education proposal is intended to work with children and teenagers from all levels of education on topics related to:

  • Knowledge, connection, and care of the local environment
  • Improvement of community life and interpersonal relationships
  • Prevention of risky behaviours in safe mobility, gender violence, and drug use

Senior citizens are the second demographic group with which the Education for Safety Service (SES) works. As the needs of this segment become increasingly greater in proportion to the overall population, there is a need for bespoke training programmes to accommodate their requirements. This group's primary focus areas involve safe mobility and safety advice.

The programme has the quality seal of the Council for Educational Innovation.



Children's Traffic Park

The Children’s Traffic Park is a free educational space aimed at the school, leisure, and family settings, where traffic situations are recreated to educate children and young people about safe mobility. This approach allows them to experience scenarios similar to real-life situations within a controlled risk environment.

Activity times and reservations:

School setting

Weekdays during the school year. Bookings must be made with the team of trainers from the Security Education Service in each district.

Leisure setting

Saturday mornings and July from 10 am to 1.30 pm. Bookings must be made in advance by email.

Family setting

Expected to open two weekends per month, from 10 am to 1.30 pm. Dates must be confirmed by email.


Note: the Children’s Traffic Park has bicycles available for children aged 9 to 12; children under the age of 9 must bring their own bicycles.

How to get there:

Bus 150 (Parc de Montjuïc) from Plaça d’ Espanya to the end of the route (Montjuïc Castle entrance). Then, continue on foot along the path around the wall and past the archery range. You will find the Parc, about four hundred metres away, behind Montjuïc Castle:

Carrer de la Cartoixa w/n

08004 Barcelona

Tel: 93 256 49 95