Invitations to tender for AM contracts

16:00 - 18:00

Sala Barcelona Av.Diagonal, 240, pl.2

An information session is going to be held this coming 15 February on future invitations to tender for software applications and maintenance data services (AM) which will be launched from the Department of Development at the Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI).

The goal behind this session is to provide the ICT sector with information on the features and details of the various AM contracts. The aim is give all enterprises access to the public procurement process.

IMI's functions are the development, maintenance and evolution of efficient and productive ICT solutions for city residents and municipal employees. Our goal is to supply all the information and communication technology (ICT) services to Barcelona City Council and its subsidiary public sector companies.

The nature of the applications that IMI manages is diverse, owing to factors such as criticality, volume of users, volume of data and the functional and technological environment they operate in. These applications require maintenance, support and development of functionalities resulting from the new needs arising from Barcelona City Council’s various areas. That is why IMI has been preparing the following invitations to tender for contracts for Software Application Maintenance and Development Services and data services (AM):

  • USIC / Internet AM: Maintenance of internet-channel and digital applications in general.
  • OSAM / Mobiles AM: Maintenance of mobile applications for city residents.
  • Remote Processing AM: Maintenance of all procedures from Barcelona City Council’s various portals.
  • e-Archives AM: Maintenance of the documentary database and e-archives service.
  • Business Intelligence AM: Maintenance of applications from the various business intelligence portals.
  • IBC AM: Maintenance of base and mapping information.

The information session on these future invitations to tender for maintenance (AM) at IMI's Department of Development will be held in the Sala Barcelona (Av. Diagonal, 240, pl.2). Places are limited, so if you wish to attend this session, please register by clicking here.


  • 4 pm - 4.05 pm: Welcome
  • 4.05 pm - 6 pm: General information on AMs
    • USIC / Internet AM
    • OSAM / Mobiles AM
    • Remote Processing AM
    • e-Archives AM
    • Business Intelligence AM
    • IBC AM