Reference framework

Barcelona is one of three lighthouse cities that are integrating different solutions for a smart city in energy, infrastructure and transport within the GrowSmarter project. This project, which brings together 3 cities and different industries to integrate and demonstrate the 12 solutions for a city to become intelligent in energy, infrastructure and transport (currently the cities are Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona).


The GrowSmarter project provides to other cities the experiences of the three lighthouse cities and provides ideas about functioning and opportunities for replication into the European urban structure. The idea is to create a qualified market for these smart solutions and give support to the growth and to the transition towards a smart and sustainable Europe.

The solutions solve common urban challenges as: the renovation of existing buildings (the cost of efficient renovation of 100,000 square meters of low energy consumption reduces energy demand by 70%), the integrated infrastructure by ICT (the public lighting, smart urban heating networks and more efficient waste management) and urban mobility (the biofuels from domestic waste reduce local emissions and quality improve of the air in 60%).

The Institut Municipal d’Informàtica from Barcelona City council is who coordinates and leading the project. In Barcelona is already implementing different solutions as: electric vehicles, SmartTowers, the installation of charging infrastructures, refurbishment current building turn into Zero energy blocks and heating and urban cooling system, among others.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 646456

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