Renovation of the City Council’s Data Processing Centre

Reference framework

IMI is working on a strategy to drive and implement the complete digital transition of the City Council to facilitate the global vision of traditional administrative processes and to improve the efficiency of the everyday work of municipal staff in order to achieve better quality services. Taking advantage of the tender for a new contract to manage the City Council's Data Processing Centre (CPD), the City Council has acquired new infrastructure to provide city residents and municipal staff with better services, as well as offer an ICT service at a lower cost and with improved energy efficiency.


The Barcelona City Council Data Processing Centre is used to maintain the IT equipment needed to process information from city data. There are different electronic components in the Centre to guarantee service continuity (procedures portal, municipal websites, and the Citizen Services, among others), manage critical information and provide the means to restore data where necessary.

A new CPD management and maintenance model has been proposed, which will provide better quality, reliability, security and control, and also reduce operational risks at the Barcelona City Council. The main objective is to have a CPD and some own infrastructure to reduce costs, incorporate new service provisions and reduce any dependency on third parties, thus facilitating the digital transition to give city residents more and better services. It is hoped that the new CPD will be up and running by the end of 2021

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