Barcelona Superblock programme

The Superblock programme aims to reclaim part of the space currently occupied by private vehicles for city residents in order to achieve a healthy, greener, fairer and safer public space that promotes social relations and the local economy. 

It is part of the urban renewal strategy for tackling climate change. The transformation of the public space is being carried out with an interdisciplinary, cross-cutting approach, with a series of complementary tools to tackle functional, environmental, economic and social challenges and to protect local residents and local businesses. 

The Superblock programme incorporates the time perspective and promotes inclusive, sustainable, accessible, and safe urban infrastructure. People have more access to spaces for spending time, playing, meeting people and enjoying contact with nature, which has an effect on the distribution of uses of time, in that travel time is reduced and opportunities for participation in sports, social and other activities are increased. This has a direct impact on people’s well-being.  

The programme includes a set of physical, environmental, social and economic indicators intended to evaluate the changes being made continuously as the actions get implemented, as a tool to improve the programme and with a view to measuring its potential effects on health. These indicators also incorporate a time perspective and evaluate the different uses of the superblocks at different times of day for different social groups.

The programme has already been implemented in some areas of the city and has been well received by local residents. It has also been met with a lot of international recognition, which has translated into increased demand for the programme to be implemented in other parts of the city.

To promote transparency and traceability of the process and proposals, all information is available on the municipal website, which allows opening the project to all citizens, reaching out to residents who might not participate in-person participation spaces and make contributions at each stage. 

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Last updated on: November 2023

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