Municipal child-rearing resources for infants up to the age of three

The city has free municipal services to help with bringing up toddlers, from play libraries to family child-rearing spaces and even meeting spaces for mothers with babies just a few weeks old, plus the Concilia child-minding service in different city neighbourhoods.

Famílies amb nadons conversant entre elles mentre els infants van jugant estirats sobre una flassada a l'Espai Familiar de Criança Municipal El Galliner (Ludoteca El Galliner). Autor: Joel Codina
13/02/2024 - 20:51 h - Childhood Ajuntament de Barcelona

Concilia, the free municipal child-minding service

The service offers childcare outside of school hours, for single-parent families or those without a network of people to help. Parents need to sign up in advance to use the service. Concilia child-minding spaces are located in nursery schools, community centres and libraries in the 26 areas of the city covered by the Neighbourhood Plan.

Network of municipal child-rearing spaces for families

The city has a network of 26 municipal child-rearing spaces (EFCM) for toddlers and their families. This educational service offers professional weekly support for groups of families with infants up to the age of three. Ther are 26 of these spaces in the city. Parents need to sign up in advance to use them.

“Family babies” programme

The programme “Nadons en família” (Family babies) offers meeting and sharing spaces for women in their final weeks of pregnancy through to the first eight weeks of the baby’s life. The programme is promoted by the Barcelona Institute of Education in collaboration with professionals from the Catalan Health Institute.

Municipal play libraries

Municipal play libraries are spaces that guarantee the right of infants and children to play. The centres have staff who guide infants in a selection of toys and games adapted to their age, and also help them take part in social and cultural activities around them.