Information sessions on the prevention of forest fires get under way

11/04/2024 - 11:22 h

Safety and prevention. The goal is to conduct talks in all mountain districts.

The Barcelona Fire Service is organising its usual annual information sessions with recommendations on preventing forest fires and looking after the areas around our homes. A session was held yesterday at the Prevention Board in the District of Horta-Guinardó.

The talks are aimed at people living in woodland areas, outlining the importance of collaboration to keep these spaces free of fire and use them properly, along with an explanation on how to proceed in the case of fire.

If you live near woodlands, you can find information on what to do in the case of a forest fire and how to look after the area around your home here. Remember; if fire breaks out the most important thing to do is to call 112 and provide as much information as possible.

How to prevent forest fires?

With the arrival of spring and the absence of significant rainfall, the risk of fire increases, even more so in a year such as the present, with extreme drought conditions making for dry and dead vegetation which burns more easily.

Because of this, the following prohibitions apply again this year between 15 March and 15 October, in woodlands and within 500 metres of them:

  • Lighting fire. No burning of discarded vegetation, hedgerows, agricultural or gardening vegetation or lighting fires for recreational purposes (except for gas rings, brick barbecues with spark guards, in recreational or camping areas, or on residential sites in housing developments).
  • Throwing away cigarette butts or any other burning objects.
  • Launching rockets, balloons, fireworks or any other artefact containing fire.
  • Dumping vegetal or industrial waste of any sort that might cause a fire.