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Dissemination and knowledge about the legal and theoretical frameworks of human rights are fundamental for raising public awareness in relation to respect and the promotion of rights and for enforcing compliance by government bodies.

The Human Rights Resource Centre has a search engine where you can find documents on mechanisms relating to human rights, equality and non-discrimination, women human rights defenders and other related subjects. The available documents are updated with the latest provisions, reports or documents produced at both local and international level.

If you are an entity, research center or administration and want to add resources to the Documentary Space, you can contact us at:

Documents and resources

Media Resources

  • Parlem amb Defensores: Emma Pritchard

    Emma Pritchard is a peace activist and coordinator of IPB Youth Network. We speak to hear about youth activism in favour of rights during her attendance at Barcelona's IPB World Peace Congress 2021.
  • Parlem amb Defensores: Tony Robinson

    Tony Robinson is an editor at Pressenza, a press agengy dedicated to peace communications. We speak about peace communications and journalism during his attendance to the IPB World Peace Congress in Barcelona.
  • CRDH resources: The "Barcelona, city of rights" model

    Aida Guillén, former director of Citizenship and Diversity Rights Services, explains the "Barcelona, city of rights" model and what it means to make policies with a human rights focus.
  • CRDH resources: International mechanisms for the protection and guarantee of human rights

    David Bondia, president of the Institute of Human Rights of Catalonia, explains what the international mechanisms for the protection and guarantee of human rights are.