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Training Catalogue

What is the Training Catalogue?


The CRDH Training Catalogue offers a series of workshops on human rights, hate speech and discrimination, in the specific context of Barcelona city. The workshops are aimed at the area of education, young people, organisations and civil society, as well as administration personnel.

Various free, on-demand activities are available for each audience, and they can be adapted to the needs of the groups, in regard to their duration, content and format. Wherever possible, the activities will be offered in in-person and virtual formats.

The Catalogue aims to present human rights to various groups and relate them to the city’s everyday life, show what impact they have, how they affect us and what we can do to protect them, defend them and raise awareness about them.

The Training Catalogue also fosters learning and reflection about the problems linked to hate speech and discrimination, favours their detection, provides information on the mechanisms we have to tackle them and discusses what strategies can be promoted to guarantee the human rights and equal treatment of all Barcelona residents.

Take a look at the catalogue and write to us at to schedule a workshop or resolve any queries you may have.