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Training in human rights and diversity


Training is one of the main tools for safeguarding human rights and promoting diversity. This department of services is therefore implementing several training initiatives aimed not just at organisations and citizens but also at internal staff working for the administration itself, under a specific internal training plan.

The aim behind the training in human rights is:

  • To promote truly equal rights, duties and social obligations among all citizens and to foster fairness by fighting against situations of exclusion and discrimination, especially those relating to origins and cultural differences.
  • To promote recognition and raise awareness of diversity, by appreciating, respecting and making the most of the opportunities that arise from the city’s social and cultural diversity.
  • To promote positive interaction between all citizens.

There is an approach within the goals that is understood as the process key, as the concepts used will be constantly reviewed and the following aspects will be promoted:

  • Equal rights and opportunities. To incorporate measures for ensuring equal access and equal rights for people with different origins and cultural contexts.
  • Recognising cultural diversity. To foster knowledge and raise awareness of cultural diversity in all the plan's areas of action, appreciating the various cultures, traditions and beliefs of which it is formed, as well as the various interests and needs.
  • Diverse participation. To incorporate mechanisms or resources for ensuring participatory spaces and opportunities for local residents with different origins or cultural contexts.
  • Positive interaction. To promote the establishment of active and collaborative relations between people and groups that usually do not have them, by working on common interests and aspects.
  • Sense of belonging. To encourage participants to create strong ties with neighbourhoods, groups, organisations etc.


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