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Grants and subsidies

Every year, Barcelona City Council launches, among others that are more specific, the General Grant Campaign for District and City Projects, Activities and Services. The following programs are managed by our department:

  • R: Religious affairs (contributing to the knowledge of religious diversity, celebrating religious and inter-religious festivals and events).
  • W: Citizen rights (initiatives for promoting and championing citizen rights and fighting against discrimination and hate speech).

Below, you will find the latest publications related to this campaign and others.

If you need more information, we are available at +34932562017.


Resolution:  Final resolution 2019 (NEW),  Provisional Resolution 20192019 campaign booklet

Reformulation:  Form for the reformulation of subsidies

Justification:  Presentation form  -  Economic report  -  Financial report (VAT deducted)  -  Activity report  -  Refund letter


Other grants and subsidiesBarcelona City Council grants and subsidies


Entity Activities

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