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We are combating discrimination and hate speech


Declarations of intolerance, discriminatory treatment and disparagement of people for the simple fact of their belonging to or being included in a group are a violation of human rights and an attack on society as a whole.

Hate speech refers to any declarations that attack the dignity of people for the mere fact of being part of a specific group or collective. It is used for discriminating against a person on the grounds of their origin, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, beliefs, ideologies or any other feature of otherness. It is also used for justifying a lack of real access, and under equal conditions, to rights in general and citizenship in particular. Racism, in all its forms of expression, will be the main object of this line.

This line of action provides for several types of specific initiatives and measures:

  • Holding publicity and awareness-raising events and conferences.
  • Commissioning reports and studies that contribute further data and tools on the situation of discrimination in the city.
  • Preparing general and specific materials and resources for both citizens and the authority itself.
  • Specific subsidies and lines of support for organisations for combating hate.
  • Providing specialist training and skills acquisition programmes.


Published the 2021 Report of the barcelona Discrimination Observatory

15/07/2022 - 13:37 h

DISCRIMINATION. The central theme of the 2021 report is discrimination in the access to housing.

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