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Workshop: Human rights in our neighbourhood.
What are they? How do they affect our everyday lives? and How can we promote them?


What is it about?

The workshop aims to offer an introduction to Human Rights and show how these are implemented in various European cities, through good practices shown in the exhibition Cities 4 Rights, and also in our own city and its neighbourhoods. During the workshop, specific examples will be given of human rights violations that can occur in everyday life, as well as tools to combat those violations. The workshop will conclude with examples of communication campaigns and adverts that promote respect and the protection of human rights, and we will design a campaign that is suitable for our neighbourhood.

Who is it for?

The workshop is aimed at obligatory secondary school (ESO) students aged 12 to 16. It may be offered to students from other courses if the content is adapted to the specific needs of each educational centre or youth centre.

How will you do that?

The workshop’s methodology is in-person, although it can be adapted to a virtual format if necessary. It combines theory with specific examples that will be shown through audiovisual resources and the Cities 4 Rights exhibition. At the end of the session, a short group exercise will be proposed: to design a communication campaign that defends human rights in the neighbourhood.

How long is it?

1.5 hours (workshop)
2 hours (dynamics of creating a communication campaign that defends human rights in the neighbourhood)

Who runs it?

Human Rights Resources Centre – CRDH