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Coordination of initiatives to improve public spaces

The City Council performs works to improve public spaces in spheres such as efficient lighting, drainage, improvements to road surfacing to reduce traffic noise, widening of payments to enhance areas dedicated to pedestrians, conversion of roads into single platforms in the interests of pedestrians, etc. Such initiatives are applied to the streets and squares of city districts, and go hand-in-hand with major projects focused on large-scale infrastructure and strategic roadways. The improvement of such roadways provides improved urban environments for pedestrians, while also facilitating mobility, increasing green areas, accessibility and connection among districts, along with other factors. The aim is always to improve the quality of life of the population.

Such works to improve public spaces are conducted through the coordination of all municipal areas and services managing and overseeing the quality of urban areas and the proper provision of city services. Coordination likewise extends to utilities companies (water, electricity, gas, telephony). The aim is to minimise the impact of works on public spaces.