Come to the park

Apropa't als Parcs (Come to the park) invites schools of the city to design and develop a project linked to the closest park to the center. It includes resources for programming, promoting and implementing measures to enrich parks and gardens in the city. This initiative is aimed at promoting the appreciation towards parks, publicize their uses and thus get involved in the environment of the city.

Apropa't als Parcs proposes to redefine parks as a place for education by making a responsible use, understanding, living and enjoying them. Moreover, it encourages to take action to improve them when necessary. All this is possible since parks are places which are in contrast with most other sites within the city where people use to walk around.

When going out of school, you can take advantage of resources offered by the city and develop the necessary knowledge, attitudes and procedures to train students and make them understand reality. This enables to acquire and enhance social skills and encourages coexistence among students. What’s more, it also encourages a good relationship between students and teachers, as well as between this two groups and neighbours


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