Som gent de profit

The "Som Gent de Profit" ["People who Make the Most"] campaign covers a range of initiatives intended for all segments of society, including a travelling exhibition that explains the origin of wastage and how to avoid it, a mobile application encouraging greater care with the food we buy, information in the press, on radio and television and other social media initiatives.

The campaign, promoted by the Department of Land Planning and Sustainability, Barcelona City Council and the AMB (Barcelona Metropolitan Area) addresses all citizens who at any point of the chain of production, sale, consumption and discarding of products could change their habits and avoid food being thrown away.

The travelling exhibition, together with a participatory workshop, aims to raise awareness as to the importance of not throwing food away, encouraging citizens to change their behaviour with actions they can take when buying, storing and preparing food.

The mobile application contains three key points: Shopping (drawing up an intuitive and visual shopping list); the portion calculator (so as to buy in accordance with the people who will be eating, and the dishes to be prepared); and cooking (recipes based on food in the fridge that is about to go off). Available in the App Store and Play Store. Instagram (@somgentdeprofit) is used to present 15-second animations illustrating tips and attitudes to combat wastage. Lastly, the video by the group VeryPomelo addressing the issue is available via YouTube.

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