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Urban Planning Information Portal (PIU)

The new Urban Planning Information Portal (PIC) groups together in a single web space urban planning information for consultation, in a clearer and more accessible environment.

On Wednesday 17 October, Barcelona City Council launched its new Urban Planning Information Portal. It is an application that enables consultations on urban planning information and integrates in a single space the functions that had previously been offered on the Planning, Qualifications and Agreement Search Engine, the Architectural Heritage Search Engine and the Cartographic Information Point's urban planning map.

The aim behind the portal is to enable a flexible and simplified consultation of information in a clearer and more accessible technological environment, offering new filters and functions. In addition, the new data model will enable compatibility with the models of the Metropolitan Area, the Directorate-General for Territorial Ordering and Urban Planning at the Catalan regional government, creating a richer and more interoperable environment.

The work for launching the Portal involved updating the cartographic base to adapt it to the new ETRS89 European standard promoted by the European Commission. It was on this new cartographic base that the current planning and the Architectural Heritage Catalogue have been transcribed.

The portal also presents better technologies, offering a fast and clear consultation, new functionalities and information filters and access from mobile devices.

The new portal includes:

  • ‌‌

    New cartographic base

    The topographical base has been updated in accordance with the new ETRS89 European standard

  • ‌‌

    Planning and Architectural Heritage

    The current planning and Heritage Catalogue have been transcribed on the new cartographic base

  • ‌‌

    Responsive website

    The upgrade enables clearer and faster consultations, also from mobile devices

Urban Planning Information Portal

Support materials

For the purposes of enabling the consultation, the following support materials have been prepared, which you will also find on the portal in the welcome panel:


User manual

Full information in .PDF format is offered on all the functionalities found on the portal.


User manual

Further information:

- Urban Planning Information page



The Portal also has a FAQs page to help answer any queries you may have about the tool.


FAQs page


To make it easier to consult, you'll find it divided into thematic sections: Information research, Access, Data display and Application use, Map, Housing affected, Urban Development Plan, Urban Planning Management and Catalogue of Historic and Artistic Architectural Heritage.