Monitoring report for the by-law on coexistence during 2020

Mon, 07/26/2021 - 18:45

Coexistence. The figures for 2020 were shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures to tackle it, such as lockdown and mobility restrictions.

The figures for complaints and denouncements made under the by-law on coexistence in public space were affected by the mobility restrictions decreed to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

The report presented today includes the main monitoring indicators for the by-law on public coexistence. On the one hand this means the data for IRIS, the system used for managing incidents, demands, complaints and suggestions which citizens address to the City Council, and on the other, the activity of the City Police.

The number of incidents and complaints handled by IRIS rose by 59.69% in 2020, although the report includes categories which were not present the previous year, such as incidents with the Bicing service or with abandoned motor vehicles. Of those categories which were already included, notable changes included a rise in complaints about neighbours and a drop in those relating to tourist accommodation.

In terms of the activity of the City Police, the number of denouncements for infringing the by-law practically fell by half in 2020, due to the drastic drop in the presence of people in public streets during the mobility restrictions from the state of emergency. The City Police refocused its service for citizens with the goal of guaranteeing restrictive measures, strengthening its work attending to people, maintaining civil behaviour and security in the city and dealing with demands relating to coexistence.


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