Reference framework

The new Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Authorities (LPACAP) establishes that e-procedures have to constitute the regular actions of public authorities to better serve the principles of effectiveness and efficiency in cost saving, transparency obligations and citizens’ guarantees. The Municipal Institute of Information Technology aims to offer citizens more electronic-authentication mechanisms (e-Authentication) for carrying out procedures on the new Citizen Portal.


E-Authentication is a project developing a new common identification module that is integrated with the COAC (Catalan Open Administration Consortium) identity bus,VALid. Document-access mechanisms are being developed through the SVC (secure verification code) that stores evidence of access. It will be possible to establish a minimum level of security for each procedure or access, thereby complying with the new LPACAP Act, the ENS (National Security System), the ORAE (Regulatory Byelaw on e-Government) and identification and signature instructions. All procedures will be capable of being integrated with the module and it will be possible to indicate their minimum level of security. Authentications will also be traceable, that is, a common authentication module (CAM) will be integrated with the VALid identity bus, as mentioned above

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