Reference framework

Directive 2014/55/EU, of the European Parliament and of the Council, on electronic invoicing in public procurement, establishes the legal framework for creating a European standard (EN 16931), requiring its adoption by Member States in all their public authorities and entities when receiving and processing their suppliers’ invoices.

The EU Directive also makes it mandatory for all the e-invoicing systems used by Europe's public authorities to be updated and for the standard to be implemented before November 2018.


EUeInvoicing is an innovation project for adapting Catalan e-invoicing solutions to the European Union's new Standard EN 16931, in order to have a common e-invoicing standard available in Europe and facilitating the widespread use of e-invoicing in both the public and private sectors.

EUeInvoicing solutions will enable the existing e-invoicing systems to be updated and adapted for some of the main bodies that issue and receive invoices on the regional-government level representing the public authority and the private sector.

As for the public sector, the e.FACT e-invoicing delivery point used by the Consortium of the Open Administration of Catalonia (Consorci AOC) and the invoice-receiving system used by Barcelona City Council (and run by the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Information Technology) will be updated to the standard. As for the private sector, the respective e-invoicing platforms used by PIMEC (PimeFactura) and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (Cambra eBusiness) will also be adapted to the standard.


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