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The European Commission has decided to finance - within the work programme Mobility for Growth of Horizon 2020 - the Mobility Urban Value (MUV) project. This project is part of a set of initiatives that combine technological and research innovation, participatory processes and improvements in mobility in the different means of transport. The Barcelona City Council, through IMI, participates in this project as a partner.


MUV promotes the modal shift towards a more sustainable mobility; it wants to reinforce the behavior change in the local communities to reduce the urban traffic. Instead of focusing on infrastructure, wants to focus on public awareness about the quality of the urban environment to promote the change towards more sustainable and healthy mobility options. The solutions proposed by the MUV project will be co-created and validated with learning communities in six urban neighborhoods across Europe, and Sant Andreu, from Barcelona, ​​is one of them.

This project is the result of the combination of behavior changing techniques, new technologies, data science and co-design. A Mobile application will be designed and is going to track all daily routes of the users and will assign a few points on sustainable behavior with a network of detection stations designed for community makers.

Mobility and environmental data collected through the application and monitoring stations will allow the Barcelona City Council to proceed with improvement planning policies and civic hackers will build new services which are going to improve the quality of cities more effectively.

MUVigator: The how to Guide to use MUV and build happier cities and better communities.

Mobility Urban Value ( MUV)

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