Information system on evictions

Reference framework

Barcelona City Council, acting through the Manager's Office for Social Rights and the Municipal Institute of Social Services (IMSS), aims to promote the creation of new integrated information systems on its Social Services Platform so as to improve, speed up and facilitate social assistance for citizens. The aim is to distribute these new systems through two lines of assistance: basic and emergency social assistance and social assistance for the promotion of personal independence and residential accommodation for the elderly. The information system on evictions in Barcelona is a resource that falls within the basic and emergency line of social assistance.


Co-funded by the Catalan European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the framework of the agreement between Barcelona City Council and the Catalan government for the Catalan ERDF Operational Programme for 2014-2020, the new information system on evictions will be used for managing the possessions (furniture, electrical appliances and clothes, among other things) of Barcelona citizens who are evicted, whether or not by court order.

Its goal is to ensure, in real time, the traceability of all the goods and services involved: from Social Services centre referrals or transfers of possessions to municipal furniture repositories, to relocations to new homes or services’ end waste.

It will also enable the availability of data from the provision of the services in real time and facilitate the system’s independence in obtaining indicators, while offering greater management control and capacity of the service.


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