New Citizen Help and Information Portal

Reference framework

The new Act 39/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Authorities (LPACAP) establishes that e-procedures have to constitute the regular actions of public authorities to better serve the principles of effectiveness and efficiency in cost saving, transparency obligations and citizens’ guarantees. The Municipal Institute of Information Technology is working on several technological initiatives to build interfaces for requesting various citizen procedures and citizen help and information office procedures, having regard to the new LPACAP Act.


A new citizen help and information service is being analysed, designed and built, consisting of the e-Headquarters and the Virtual Procedures Office (VPO). Work is being carried out to build the site’s interfaces of the VPO for citizens, enterprises, entities and professionals, to replace the current folders. The e-Headquarters site will have full information on procedures with Barcelona City Council, such as how to carry out procedures and what procedures there are.

The main benefits expected under this new system are that it will give citizens a more efficient user experience in their browsing, greater satisfaction and a capacity to carry out their procedures remotely, thereby minimising the need for assistance through face-to-face channels, and ensuring office staff play a more informative and supportive role in procedures, while using new technologies and cutting-edge systems providing stability, flexibility and interoperability for users and citizen help and information staff.



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