Urban-Planning Information Consultation Portal and Service (PIU)

Reference framework

Urban-planning information on Barcelona is currently divided up between several browsers and information points that are integrated into an Urban-Planning website but not linked to one another.

Added to which the new Urban-Planning Consolidation on the new ETRS89 topographical map (European Terrestrial Reference System 1989) is bringing about changes to the current Urban-Planning Information System’s database.
It is in response to this scenario that the Manager's Office for Urban Planning is proposing the design and construction of a unified Web Portal.


A unified urban-planning information consultation Web Portal in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand and accessible environment at both an internal level, for Barcelona City Council’s users, and a public level, as well as a new integrated Urban-Planning consultation application for Barcelona City Council’s internal users which will replace the current Integrated Consultation System (SICS).

This portal would replace and integrate the urban-planning website as well as the heritage catalogue website and the BCNPIC for accessing urban-development plans.


Manager's Office for Urban Ecology, Mobility and Urban Planning. Deputy Manager's Office for Urban Planning

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